UTH Series


The MF-UTH Series is the first 10 KVA fuel cell back-up power system to be launched. Equipped with uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) functions, the MF-UTH Series is the ideal product for sites requiring high quality electricity supply and power stability. It is ideal for users to conquer unpredictable power black-outs which can cause severe damages to expensive equipment and potentially put people at risk. MF-UTH Series not only provides the power security, but also helps reduce the carbon footprint incurred by conventional energy solutions. MF-UTH Series Fuel Cell System gives higher energy efficiency, up to 40%, and produces zero carbon-dioxide emission when operating with pure hydrogen, or up to 40% Green House Gas reduction if fed with natural gas. With so many natural born advantages of Fuel Cell, our products can be installed in more compact spaces than batteries require. MF-UTH can be safely installed indoors without being concerned about smoke, vibration, heat and noise, characteristics often associated with diesel generators. With modular designs, the system's functions can be easily expanded or modified for individual customer requirements. And for telecom operators and communication service providers, the uninterruptible power supply, SMR, power conversion equipment, and other essential electronic devices are internally integrated making the MF-UTH system extraordinarily easy to install and to operate.

MF-UTH Series
Module Specifications
Product Description Fuel Cell Power Generator Power Output 3kW/6kW/10kW
Input Voltage 48Vdc/220~240Vac Output Voltage 48Vdc
Maximum Current Output 60A/120A/200A Fuel Spec Hydrogen (Purity: >99.95%)
Fuel Pressure 80~120 psi (5.4~8.2 bar) Dimensions Varies
Cooling System Air
Operating Efficiency
Hydrogen Consumption 752 Liter / kW-hr Fuel Cell Efficiency >40%
Environmental Condition
Ambient Temperature -20~50°C Location Indoor/Outdoor
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