The H-1000 and its family affiliates are hydrogen storage system. One H-1000 cabinet equipped with standard T-cylinder provides 37.5kWh electrical energy storage. For this standard package, there are 12 x T-cylinder units, which provide noise free backup up to 18 hours at 2 kW load. Storage temperature is from -40 to 60˚C without any heating equipment. Each H-1000 cabinet is equipped with a control box and it can detect the pressure of hydrogen cylinders. The central control can remotely monitor the hydrogen source, and switch to use a second unit of H-1000 automatically, when multiple H-1000 storage cabinets are installed. It is always a good idea to extend the backup hours by just adding H-1000 storage cabinets. The H-1000 cabinet is designed for outdoor installation with rain and wind protection.

Wind series
Module Specifications
Product Description Hydrogen Storage Cylinder Quantity 6/12/15 EA
Backup Energy 8/24/37.5/120 kWh Dimensions Varies
Tank Volume 250/600/1000L
Control Box Specifcation
Physical Interface RS-485 Protocol M-Field Mod Bus
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