TGH Series


The T*H Power Pack Series offers an alternative clean power solution for improving the productivity of high-volume manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations by replacing the traditional battery module of electrical forklifts and trucks. The Power Pack series is designed to provide for lift truck's dynamic power requirement, which interrelates the state-of-art PEM fuel cell module with a high-end power management system, providing clean, reliable and economical solution to replace traditional lead-acid battery for material handling vehicle.
The internal hydrogen storage tank is designed to fulfill 8-hour shift operation, which offers high performance on moving materials.
The utilization of fuel cell power pack in electric trucks is aimed to reduce service cost and maintenance cost, achieve remote data collection and fleet management, meet zero carbon emission, and operate in low temperature environment. The refueling time is as short as two minutes, much faster than charging the traditional battery.

Module Specifications
Product Description Fuel Cell Power Power for
Electric Forklift
Power Output 3kW(10sec)/24kW(10sec)
Input Voltage 24/36/80Vdc Output Voltage 24/36/80Vdc
Maximum Current Output N/A Fuel Spec Hydrogen (Purity: >99.95%)
Fuel Pressure 350 bar Dimensions Varies
Weight Varies Cooling System Air/Liquid
Operating Efficiency
Hydrogen Consumption N/A Fuel Cell Efficiency N/A
Environmental Condition
Ambient Temperature -20~50°C Location Indoor/Outdoor
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