ESPE FX series is different from all other wind turbine generators currently present on the market in many ways:
ISO 9000 Quality System.
High performance even in low wind conditions(blade)
Highly reactive pitch control, specifically designed to handle varying wind conditions; speed control is oleodynamic piston type managed by a proportional valve with the possibility of adjusting the position and resolution cut-off speed.
The high reactivity of the pitch control allows the machine to produce energy continuously at the rated power limit until reaching the cut-off speed, even in conditions of significant turbulence, a condition that is common in units of this power, installed close to the ground.
The yaw is controlled by an oleodynamic geared motor with an intelligent gust dampening system.
Easy maintenance (inside the nacelle)
Safety systems
1. Device Negative Control
2. Negative Brake
3. Rotor Lock Secure
4. Active Yaw Control
Highly reliable direct drive adjustment technology by using components with high quality standards. The use of on board sensors that allow complete control and effective remote monitoring of the turbine.

Model FX EVO 16-20 Nominal Power 19,80 kw
Type Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Rated Wind Speed 8.0 m/s
Design and built to IEC Standard CEI EN IEC61400-2 Cut-out Wind Speed 25.0 m/s
Wind Class IEC Class 1 Dimensions 42.3 x 45.1 x 8.6 cm
Hub Height V17.9m Weight 9100kg
Communication Specifcation
Physical Interface RS-485/CAN Bus Protocol M-Field Mod Bus
Nr of blades 3 Rotor diameter 15.94m